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Why Should You Hire an Offshore IT Staffing Company for Your Development Needs?

Updated: Feb 18

Working with a remote team would essentially become inevitable in the future as it is in the present. More and more companies are working remotely, and businesses have begun to depend on a remote professional team to discharge their responsibilities efficiently. There are multiple advantages of remote employment for both the organization and the employee. Remote work can reduce the stress on the employees and is known to enhance productivity. As a result, remote teams can efficiently contribute to your development needs and boost efficiency. Moreover, hiring offshore talent can enable you to save costs and resources.

However, hiring a remote team for software development and other IT needs comes with its challenges, and you need to have a proper plan for managing and monitoring your remote team. This is where the professional offshore IT staffing services help you hire the right talent after understanding your needs.

offshore IT staffing services

Steps for Building a Remote Team

Create a Formation for the Remote Team

Every company has different plans on how the employees would work, whether they want some employees working remotely or the entire team. As a company, you must decide on the operational mode depending on your specific needs and personal preferences. However, certain steps are inevitable for developing your remote team.

Recruit Carefully

Hiring is an essential procedure that should be done carefully. Otherwise, it might result in losses for the company. When hiring remote employees, they should be seen as self-sufficient, reliable, skilled, and disciplined as no one would directly supervise them in an office. You should look for workers with the required field expertise and respond quickly. They should also possess good communication skills.

Establish Objectives Clearly

Creating workflows and establishing goals is necessary to enhance efficiency and hold the right employee responsible in case of any delay. Things like the working hours, time for checking process documentation, individual goals and objectives of employees, and so on. There are several ways of assisting employees in comprehending and meeting standards.

Maintain Engagement

Remote teams may often sense a disconnection which might affect the quality of work and your morale. To establish a sense of unity, you should organize departmental meetings weekly or monthly, managers should check in on individual employees regularly, and company-wide meetings should also be held. You can also create opportunities for socializing by organizing games, happy hours, and so on.

Establish Trustworthy Communication Channels

Communication is essential for success, especially when the team is located remotely. In today's contemporary world, it is easy to stay connected. Employees should use any messenger app or email to communicate internally or with clients. Employees can use a project management system for project-related inquiries.

Proper Tools for Success

You should provide the right tools to your employees for success. For instance, high-end software and tools might be needed for development. Ensuring that every employee has access to these tools by creating individual accounts or company-wide credentials is essential.

Keep Time Tracking in Place

Time tracking is an essential means to ensure that employees fulfill their objectives. It can help detect inefficiencies in project workflows, pricing products, identifying employees who need restructuring and paying employees hourly.

Reasons for Hiring an Offshore IT Staffing Company?

As mentioned above, hiring offshore developers is advantageous for companies. The following reasons contribute to the benefits:

●The financial expense of recruiting onshore developers is almost twice that in Japan compared to hiring offshore developers from India. Engineers with the same knowledge, skills, and experience charge 7 to 8 million Japanese Yen in Japan, whereas the Indian developers charge only 4.5 million Japanese Yen.

● While hiring offshore developers, companies must abide by administration rules and legal guidelines according to offshore needs. It gets difficult for foreign companies to take care of these needs. Thus, assistance from offshore IT staffing services would be beneficial as they take responsibility for the training, payroll, onboarding, recruiting and terminations, and other compliance needs. It is an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way of monitoring remote workers, and company managers can monitor the work of remote employees.

Offshore IT staffing companies also help tackle legal issues such as taxation, banking, regulations, and logistical issues.

Offshore IT staffing services are accustomed to the employment and education system and know where to find the right talent for your needs. Hiring professionals with the right skill sets would be difficult for foreign companies and consume a lot of time.

Why Partner With LightSapien?

LightSapien meets your offshore development needs by providing the right talent. They offer talented professionals who work dedicatedly transgressing the timezone barrier to meet the project requirements. They provide employees to work on foreign projects and are hired on an Indian payroll that addresses all the challenges of hiring offshore developers. Thus, companies can enjoy the flexibility of hiring remote workers with the assistance of offshore IT staffing companies.

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