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IT Consulting & Services

LightSapien combines Tech expertise and best practices to deliver outstanding results.

We are delighted to be your guide in creating amazing products and hiring rockstar candidates.

Our Services

Our Services

We can assist you in creating world class products and save up to 70% of development cost through offshore development

Engineer as a Service (EaaS)

Looking for rockstar candidates, we can help your hire super-skilled candidates or Staffing Augmentation for your critical projects

Software Development

Ranging from complex software algorithm and interface to highly agile software, we can assist you in delivering great products.

IT Support Services

Looking for service support for your IT needs, we can provide consulting service to support project role out.

Ready to find out more?

We look after all product complexities and challenges for offshore project development work, so you can focus your energy on looking at the big picture.

To have an introductory chat with a member of our sales team contact us.

​Why Hire Our Offshore Experts ?

Good Communications Skills

No Infrastructure or Administration cost

Flexible Engagement Models



Same Business Hour as Yours

​Minimum 2-5 years
of Experience



LightSapien offers top-notch services to alleviate your technical difficulties ranging from complex software algorithms to highly agile software. If your software comes up with bugs or management difficulties, they tackle them easily. I am grateful for their services. 

Adam Isley

Offering amazing web and mobile app development services. With their expertise, we are able to speed up the efficiency of our business flow while reducing the cost. LightSapien has been the best vendor to provide tech solutions for higher business profitability. 

Vivek Chouhan

LightSapien has helped us to hire supremely proficient professionals in our organization. Understanding our hiring requirements, they conducted quick and efficient candidate placement from a pool of talent in the market. We have the best IT individuals on our side. 

  • How does LightSapien help in Software Development?
    If you are starting your business from scratch, the expert professionals of LightSapien develop robust and efficient software for your business integrity and profitability. We thoroughly understand your business requirements and shape the software accordingly. Implementing the advanced features in your software, we make it reliable and sustainable to withstand your business algorithms.
  • Should I develop a mobile app for my business?
    Developing a mobile app completely depends on your business needs. The efficacy of mobile apps can provide you with many more data collecting and monetization capabilities. It can be an invaluable resource for you to increase your business while saving your time and money. A user-friendly mobile app interacts with your customers and you can work better for your business.
  • Do I need to be tech-savvy to leverage your services?
    You certainly don’t have to be a tech expert to leverage our services as we help you right from setting your web to accelerating it with efficient services. If you experience any technical issues or difficulty in operating your business, this is where we step in. We provide you with the right tools & resources for seamless business operations. Our tech experts mitigate your technical complexities and emphasize your core business processes.
  • How do you help recruit the right talent for our organization?
    From a pool of talent in the market, our professionals analyze and understand your business needs to deploy the professionals. Closely looking and configuring your business, we create customized staffing plans for quick and efficient placements. Specializing in recruiting IT professionals, we manage the best resources and Engineer as a service (EaaS) to meet your part-time staffing needs.
  • Can you help us upgrade our business through cloud implementation?
    With a range of services, LightSapien ascertains to accomplish your technical needs. We believe in offering seamless IT services for an efficient workflow. Analyzing your business requirements closely, we create customized business plans whether it is for staffing needs or offering IT services. Incorporating effective software services, we help you integrate your businesses through cloud migration. Specializing in application management and software, our team ensures a smooth process.
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